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Does the thought of saving a down payment freak you out? Are you worried about getting the chunk of money needed? You’re not alone! It’s something many people worry about. I’ve put together a quick list of things you can do to save up that down payment so that you can afford your dream home! 


down payment - planningPlan Ahead!

Before you even save a penny, decide on a plan. How much money do you want/need to save and by when? Maybe look at the kinds of homes you want and about how much a down payment will be so you can be ready (decide what percentage you want/need to have). Want to get pre-qualified first? CLICK HERE to do so.

Once you’ve decided on an amount and a date to have it by, you can start saving away!


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Budget and Cut Costs

Sit down and look at your current monthly expenses. Do you know where every dollar is going? You should! The best way to save money is to give every dollar a name. You don’t want any money going somewhere that you don’t know. As you look at your costs, ask what you can cut out. Instead of having cable, maybe go for Netflix (or neither if you really want to go all out). Take lunches from home instead of going out every day. Hold out on those activities and costs that aren’t necessary right now. Remember, once you do get that dream home, you can get cable again and your daily lunches. 

This is going to be difficult, but you can do it. It’s the best and fastest way to save money. The less money you have going to unnecessary costs, the more money you have going to your down payment. 



I know it seems like a no-brainer, but save the money that you’re no longer spending on cable and lunches. Don’t just put it under your bed, in a jar or even just a savings account. Put it somewhere that’s more likely to grow slightly, without risk, and that’s a little more difficult to access. Pick a CD or a money market account that can be accessed in a short amount of time. (Remember that end date you decided on?)


down payment - payingStick with It!

Don’t get discouraged! Keep some sort of tracker system in front of you so you can see your progress. Maybe find a picture of your dream house to hang up as well so you always have your goal in your sights! Don’t forget why you’re doing this! You can do it!!!

I promise it will be so worth it when you can hand over that chunk of money you worked so hard for, so you can start living your American dream!


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