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Chuck Malone – The Consummate Real Estate Professional

Chuck M12Chuck Malone is a native Arizonan, raised in northern Arizona, graduate of Arizona State University, and began his professional real estate career as broker/owner of Malone Realty & Investments in 1974, in a small downtown Mesa office with rent to own furniture and no windows.

Chuck’s real estate career has been guided by his desire to serve his client’s needs, rather than specialize in one particular real estate activity.

This brand has taken Chuck Malone into co-owning a homebuilding company, land development, land sales, metal building, franchising, apartment building & leasing, retail building, development, and commercial leasing. And of course, Chuck’s first and last love residential real estate solutions for his past, current, and future clients.Chuck the Builder- cropped

Chuck Malone developed his marketing skills by first posting in classified ads but soon advanced to radio, television, and billboard advertising as a means of getting the word out on his new-build subdivisions and residential real estate company.

Chuck’s vision and perspective of the industry is unique, honed during times without computers and smart phones, when interest rates loomed at 21%, and other times when home building materials were often non-existent and skilled workers could not be found. Yet through it all, Chuck not only survived, but flourished.

Today, Chuck Malone is an Associate Broker at JK Realty, an up and coming realty force housed on the 5th floor (Penthouse Suite) of Rome Towers in Gilbert, AZ, located just off the Loop 202 and Val Vista Dr. 


Backed by an aggressive sales force upwards of 200 agents, Chuck combines his 45 years of real estate experience with his understanding of online marketing and relationship-building to bring you, his client, the very latest and very best exposure of your most prized possession, your home.

Listing your home for sale takes skill, strategy, and an understanding of where the buyers are and how to draw them out. Chuck has a proven track record of sold listings, even when the pendulum swings in favor of the buyer. He knows how to price your home to get you the best return on your investment, and he will assist you even before the home hits the market on ways to improve the bottom line.

When Chuck Malone represents you as your Buyers Agent, he uses that same eagle-eye for detail that hotel chains used to pay big bucks to have him blue tape their construction projects, to make certain you know what you are buying. Chuck will walk you through the buying process every step of the way, advising and guiding so you are never left to wonder what’s next?

Chuck Malone is an amazing resource for just about any Vendor trade for your home, locksmith, painter, stucco repair, electrician, landscaper, pool maintenance, pest control, security system, sound system, carpenter, baker, and chimney sweep, Chuck has a proven list of recommendations when the need arises.

And Chuck Malone will stand by you after the commission is paid, keeping in touch regularly to help you become an integral part of Chuck’s MaloneZone Referral Partners group, and advising you regularly regarding the value of your home and other local and national real estate news and views.

Chuck lives on Facebook so please subscribe to and friend Chuck on his personal page (Chuck Malone). Chuck uses his business fan page to educate and inform his growing clientele of the changing markets and programs affecting real estate. 

Welcome to the MaloneZone your one-stop information network of everything real estate, and then some!