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The difference between those who sell for the highest market price and those who don’t usually lies with their choice of AGENT”



1. List with a Realtor© – We are held to a higher standard of service by the National Association of Realtors. 

Chuck Malone has been a Realtor for over thirty years.

2. Not all Agents are equalNot all real estate agents who are licensed are Realtors© and not all Realtors are equal in their understanding of how to price or market your home for the highest and best return for their seller-client.

Chuck’s Condition of Home assessment.

Before Chuck can begin to price your home, he has to get acquainted. It is a 2-step process:

Step 1 – Show off the features of your home. Your turn to SELL CHUCK.

Step 2 – Determine the physical condition of the home.

*Chuck will walk the exterior and interior of the home looking for maintenance issues that will draw a negative look from a potential buyer. Buyers see needed repairs through a double-digit eyewear.

-Don’t worry, Chuck has a proven list of trade professionals available, should you need to hire one.

-Not all maintenance issues need to be fixed or replaced. Let Chuck advise you on this.


Do a de-clutter walk-thru with Chuck, both inside and out.

*Your competition to selling your home is either a vacant home or a new-build home where the buyer makes an emotional attachment due to model-perfect design. In order to compete, you must begin the process Chuck calls the de-clutter exercise.

3. Price Comparison Study – Chuck will put his 30+ years of real estate experience to work studying the competition¦ including what is currently available, what has sold recently, and what has closed escrow. From these numbers, Chuck will present his pricing strategy to get you the highest and best offer.

4. Agreements – Review Listing Agreements and gather property information.

5. When the sign goes up “you are on your way to moving on up to the East side or wherever it is your next stop takes you.

-Chuck will discuss whether or not an automated lockbox attached to your house is right for you. It allows other agents to show your home when you are not present. But if the home is prepared correctly there is little chance anything negative will happen.

6. Exposure Exposure Exposure

-Chuck knows marketing! He understands exposure is key to success, and works tirelessly to ensure your home is seen by the exact market who will be most interested in your home.

-Chuck will place your home in the local MLS, allowing other real estate offices to show your home and bring offers.

*Chuck will take between 30-40 professional photos of your home from every angle, including video.

-Chuck will create short video ads to run in Zillow, Trulia,,, and over 74 other real estate search sites.

-Chuck will also create a single property website, showing your property excusively.

-Chuck does email marketing to every Realtor and real estate agent in the East and Northeast Valley, sending ads directly to each agents inbox.

-Chuck posts in Facebook social media PLUS his real estate fan page. Please go to and  like his business page and request to friend chuck on his personal page at Chuck Malone.

*This will put you in touch with all the current real estate news & views to which Chuck posts and so he can learn more about you and your family as well.


7. We got one! We got one!!

-When we do receive an offer, Chuck will review ALL offers before he brings them to you.

-Chuck will prepare an estimated net sheet showing you the anticipated net after estimated expenses, and go over all the terms and conditions of the offer before you make your decision.

8. Your Title Company – The Buyer will place earnest money and a copy of all documents in escrow with their choice of the title company. We can request they use a particular title company, but in the end, most buyers will use a title company recommended by their agent.

9. Inspection Period – The Buyer will have 10-days to inspect your property so they know its condition before they agree to push forward with the sale. During this 10-day period, the buyer may in fact cancel the transaction if they so choose. They lose the money they paid for the inspection, but they can and do, cancel if they find something that is of concern.

10. Appraisal Period “ The Buyer will order an appraisal AFTER they have decided to proceed past the Inspection Period.  Should the appraisal come in lower than the purchase price, the buyer may elect to (1) cancel, (2) pay the difference, or (3) appeal to the seller to lower the purchase price.

11. Loan processing Period “ The Buyer will have upwards of 45 days to process a loan for your property, from the time of contract acceptance.

12. Seller Move-out Period – The Seller (that’s you) will need to be moved out of the house BEFORE the loan docs record.

-Your obligation at close of escrow is

-Remove ALL debris (personal property) from inside and exterior of the home.

-Leave the home in the same condition (or better) than when the buyer first inspected the home.

-Leave all extra keys, garage door openers, warranty, etc paperwork in a kitchen drawer or on the kitchen counter in plain sight.

13. Key Reminder – Transfer all utilities out of your name on the day of recording and not sooner. You still own the property until the day it closes escrow.

14. Close of Escrow – This is the best part. The title company will make an appointment with you to come in and sign over the deed to the property, and any other paperwork that needs to be completed. After both buyer and seller have signed the paperwork, the escrow company will process the sale and send the buyer’s loan documents to be recorded. Once the escrow office calls me to let me know the sale has been recorded, the buyer gets the keys

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