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BUYING A HOME IN GILBERT, ARIZONA is one of the safest investments you will ever make!

IF you use Chuck Malone @ JK Realty as your BUYER’S GUIDE!!



Buying a home in Gilbert, Arizona may be safe, but why do people waste time and money searching on their own?

They often play the call a Realtor game and wait expectedly by the phone, without a call back. Why?

Because the home is already SOLD!

WELCOME TO THE MALONE/ZONE where Buying a Home in Gilbert, Arizona is YOUR pathway to success.



Step One: Call Chuck Malone @ JK Realty (480-) 329-7489. It is guaranteed he will call you back within the hour, if you don’t reach him on the first try.

Step Two: After a brief face to face meeting (YES, Chuck Malone still does make house calls) Chuck will suggest a couple of preferred lenders for you to meet with and obtain a comfort level with. Chuck will arm you with a list of questions to ask so that you are informed and in control.

Step Three: Select a lender that fits YOUR style and discuss your financial means with him/her in order to determine the mortgage that best suits your comfort level. You will receive a Pre-Qualification letter, which is your ticket to having purchase offers deemed credible.

Step Four: Evaluate the market. (Educate) Chuck will set up property searches that match the features and pricing you are most comfortable with. From these results, you will become educated on what is available, what is selling, how fast they are selling, and at what price. 

Step Five: Make an offer. When Chuck is representing you, the Buyer his main focus is on getting you into the home of your dreams and at the best price possible. Sometimes that means offering less than list price when it is a Buyer’s market. Sometimes you offer more than a list to get the job done. Chuck knows the difference.

Step Six: Administration of the Contract. There are important dates that you, the Buyer must perform within. Chuck’s years of legal and contract administration experience will prove to be another reason you are safe in the MaloneZone.

  • Buyer Earnest Money Deposit
  • Buyer Inspection Period
  • Buyer Inspection Response Period
  • Review of HOA and CC&Rs
  • Review of Condition of Title

Step Seven: Provide the Lender with all financial information to qualify for the loan. This is the step that will reflect whether or not you selected the right lender. Not all lenders are created equal, but Chuck has been to the well and back with those he has recommended to you and they are most equipped to handle any unforeseen issue that may come up.

Step Eight: Order Appraisal. Once you have passed the home inspection period and negotiated successfully any needed repairs, your lender will move forward by ordering the appraisal.

  • Should the appraised value come in lower than the sales price, Chuck will negotiate on your behalf to convince the seller to reduce the purchase price.

  • Should the appraisal value come in higher  Congratulations! Instant equity.

Step Nine: Loan Approval. Once your financial information has been submitted to the lenders underwriting entity, to be sure this loan meets their investment criteria to add to their loan portfolio, you will be notified when it is approved. 

  • Once approved, your lender then sends the loan documents to your title company, who prepares the final closing documentation.

  • Title will schedule you (and Chuck) into their office (or send a notary to you) to sign both the loan documents and title documents. You will pay your down payment and closing costs at this time.

Step Ten: When do I get the keys? Once the loan documents and deed have been sent to the Recorder and made public record, Chuck will be notified the minute it records and he will pick up the keys from the listing agent and give them to you.  This maybe 1-2 days after you sign at the title company, but rarely the same day. CONGRATULATIONS on buying a home in Gilbert, Arizona!!


Your BUYERS GUIDE for Resale AND New-Build Homes

in Gilbert, Arizona (And Surrounding Cities… He knows Them ALL)