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With so many homeowners “working from home” during COVID-19, what are you going to do with all that “extra time” from not having to commute as much?  Let’s DIY!!! This blog post explores several EASY Home DIY Projects during COVID-19 you are sure to love because they enhance your home’s appearance and may even enhance it’s value.  

Beginner Projects 

  • New Faucets – If updating your current kitchen and bathroom faucets is needed, then prepare by watching these steps to install a kitchen faucet (and the process is just the same for a bathroom sink), and be sure to remember to turn OFF the water to the house BEFORE you start.
  • Light Fixtures and Switches  – Few things can change the atmosphere of a room as quickly as lighting. Swapping out an old fixture for a new one — or an on-off switch for a dimmer — can provide a mood for any occasion.  Here’s an easy guide to change a light fixture. Switches use the same types of wires, so if you can swap a fixture, you can handle a switch.
  • Fire Pit – The kids will love this one.  And be sure to celebrate the finished product with a marshmellow roast and s’mores!  The sales price premium on homes with fire pits is 2.8%, according to an analysis of thousands of home listings and sales.  Build your own backyard fire pit in 7 easy steps.
  • Upgrade with Smart Tech –  Hundreds of new “smart” devices are flooding the market these days and often require little more than changing a light bulb or plugging in a device.
    • Smart Doorbell/Camera is my favorite.  Just remove your old doorbell and connect the new device to your Wi-Fi.
    • Smart Locks are cool. Ever lose your house key? Just replace your traditional door lock with a keyless entry pad or smartphone app.
    • Smart home hub.  With this addition you can open the door to awesome new smart devices, such as smart lights and devices that just “plug in and play.”

Advanced Projects

  • Board & Batten – I just love the creative addition to walls using different forms of wood siding, and this guide will walk you through each step of the process.
  • Crown Molding – I love the look of wide crown molding and plantation shutters in a home. My wife bought me a very nice saw to do some DIY work – but I never used it.  Maybe now I will, with a little help from my talented friends.
  • Garden Shed – There is nothing better than creating additional storage space, and a garden shed sure fits that bill.  You can buy one already  to deliver… or create your own “she-shed,” with about a 3.6% price premium. Here’s how to create your own custom garden workspace*Home sale data is based on a Zillow analysis of listing language and the sales performance of thousands of homes nationwide in 2018 and 2019. Adding these design features to a home does not guarantee or definitively cause the ultimate sale price to increase as much as observed.  *Article inspired by Zillow “Life at Home.”

Chuck Malone JK Realty has 46 years of real estate experience to help make your home buying/selling experience as seemless and fun as possible. Please visit to learn more about Chuck and then send him a text (480) 329-7489, or find him on Facebook at, and be sure to LIKE.

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