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Whether your’re on the hunt for a new home or you’re just casually browsing, open houses are a great way to tour homes and get an idea of what’s on the market. 

Here are a few open house tips for you buyers!


open house tips - planHave a Plan

Whether you’re wanting to buy a home, or you’re just low-key browsing, have a plan when you go to open houses. Know why you want to see that house and what to say to the host as well. 

If you’re just looking for fun, learn from the experience. You can learn a lot of real estate lingo and more about houses on the market. This information can help you later when you start seriously looking for a home.

If you’re on the hunt, know what you’re looking for. What is your house “wish list”? (Although, have an open mind too. It’s OK if some things don’t meet your requirements.) Are you looking for an agent, or do you have one already? You’ll want to let the open house host (likely an agent) know this. 


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Have an Open Mind

I briefly mentioned this already, but it’s important enough to warrant its own section. 

You likely have some “must-haves” for your future home, like number of bedrooms, or size of garage, etc., but there may be some things you want that you can do without. If you find a home that meets all the requirements except for an office, think about how important that is to you. If you work from home, maybe it’s important enough to forgo a deal, but if it would “just be nice,” be willing to consider getting a home without one. 

Some homes don’t stage well. Whether they have heavy blinds blocking out all the natural light, or all the seller’s decorations are filling up the walls, sometimes it’s difficult to see the home for what it could be. Look past little cosmetic issues (especially if it will leave with the seller). Try to see underneath it all. 


open house tips - observantBe Observant and Ask Questions

Watch how other visitors are at the open house. Are they leaving soon after they arrive? Are they asking lots of questions? Do they seem interested? This can help you gauge the competition you have, but it can also help you recognize if the home is a good deal or not. 

Don’t just watch other people, ask questions too! That way you can get clear answers. Ask the agent about the home, if there are any offers, how motivated the seller is, etc. 


You may never find your dream home from an open house, but you can still learn a lot. Take advantage of these opportunities, and learn from them. 

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