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The holidays are upon us, which means parties, dinners and get-togethers. Overall, a lot of family and friend time! Is your home ready for all these holiday guests? Here are a few tips to prepare yourself and your household! 



The entryway is the first thing your guests will see, make it inviting! Sweep the front porch and shake out your welcome mats. Lay those mats out nicely so that no lifted corners trip your guests.

Put some nice flowers or decorations on a small table by the front door (if you have room of course). Make it welcoming! You want your holiday guests to walk in and feel at home!

Remember first impressions are always important. You want your home’s first impression on your guests to be a good one. 


holiday guests - dinnerKitchen

The kitchen is likely to get a lot of traffic! Make sure it’s clean and has room for the food and drinks you’re providing and/or your guests are bringing. Have all the utensils and items that they’ll need out and ready to use. 

Have minimal things on the counter so your kitchen doesn’t look cluttered.

If you’re eating a meal, have everything is ready to go. If you’re going formal, set the table. If you’re going casual, have all the items needed out on the counter. 


Check out these homes! Like any of the kitchens?

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Most of your holiday guests will have to use the bathroom at some point, so you’ll want to spend some time preparing it as well. 

Make sure it’s clean and that it smells good. Either put a candle or a small bouquet of flowers in there. Also be sure that there’s easy-to-find extra toilet paper, a trash can and a towel or paper towels for them to dry their hands. Having a plunger in there may also be a good idea, that way your guests don’t have to embarrass themselves by asking you for one.


holiday guests - partySitting Area

This will be the main area your holiday guests will be, so you definitely want it comfortable! Be sure to “over-provide” seating and good lighting. You’ll also want to add a candle or some flowers to freshen up the area. Check that your heater and/or A/C works (depending on the weather). You want your guests to be as comfortable as possible. 


Finally, have fun with some decorations! It can help set the mood for your party!


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For more tips on preparing for holiday guests, check out these Zillow articles: “5 Features that Make a Home Great for Entertaining” and “Get Your Home Guest-Ready (Without Losing Your Mind)




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