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For all you looking for the best time to list your home, you don’t have to look or wait anymore. Lucky for you, NOW is the ideal time to sell!

spring is the best time to list your home

Spring is the best time to list your home

Believe it or not spring is the most convenient time for buyers to purchase a home, so it only makes sense that it would be the best time to list. Yes, this does mean the market can get more saturated, but that’s a good thing for everybody. It means more options for the buyers, and more buyers for the sellers.

And for you sellers, I’ll let you in on a little secret: this can lead to more bidding wars and the possibility of you getting a higher offer.

Yes, a more saturated market means that buyers get more picky, but you sellers can get more picky too. We all know that without even trying we grow attached to our homes. We don’t want just anyone to move in right? If there are more buyers on the market, it’s less likely that you’ll have to settle for that buyer who wanted to strip out that kitchen you loved so much.


See how much homes near you in Gilbert are on the market for:

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Here’s another reason why spring is the best time to list your home – it’s when your home is looking its best! Although we may be stressing about trying to get those summer bodies ready, our houses have never looked better! With the days getting longer (more sunlight) and the temperature warming up, those flowers that struggled all winter are bursting with color and the trees and grass are a perfect shade of green. That “curb appeal” you always hear about will be on point! 


With only a month left of this gorgeous spring, click here to get your home valuation today, and list your home with me!

best time to list

the best time to list your home is now


So don’t wait any longer to put your house on the market! Those buyers are out, so now’s the perfect time for you to be in.

WHEN YOU HAVE CHUCK MALONE JK REALTY MARKET YOUR HOME, you have immediate exposure to most online search sites AND professional YouTube videos.  THIS COULD BE YOUR HOME:





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