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When you’re going through the process of looking for a new home, you don’t want to buy just anywhere. It’s important to find a place that you can call home; not just the house itself but the environment. The importance of finding the right neighborhood is sometimes overlooked, so I wanted to reinforce why it is so important and how to find the perfect fit.


Why finding the right neighborhood is so important?

Whether you have children, or it’s just you and a spouse, or just you, the neighborhood you live in is more important than you’d think. Location alone is a big deal. Even if you find the perfect house, the 2-hour commute one way will get old fast (especially if gas prices are not ideal), or the two restaurants that are near you will get boring, or the overpriced grocery store will get frustrating. Be sure you know what you’re getting into and what you’re willing to sacrifice. Find the pros and cons and decide what is important to you. 

finding the right neighborhoodFinding the right neighborhood isn’t only important because of the nearby conveniences or the commute, it’s also important to take into consideration the actual neighborhood and community in which you live. Are there families walking around and going to the parks? Are the yards kept clean and well-manicured? Are the neighbors friendly and talkative?

Depending on what you want and what you’re looking for, you’ll want to take all these into consideration. If you’re one that likes seeing families and kids out walking and spending time at the park, moving to a neighborhood with no families or with people who stay inside all day could get boring. If you like having your own space and prefer that your only contact with the neighbors to be when you both take out your trash Tuesday evenings, then having neighbors that are constantly coming over and wanting to talk and have get-togethers could get uncomfortable and frustrating. Overall, you want to make sure that the community is one that fits you and what you want and need. 


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How to Find the Perfect Fit

Decide now what you’re wanting in a neighborhood or a community. What kind of neighbors do you want? Do you want tons of new restaurants and entertainment options within easy reach? Decide what’s important and start there. Doing this can make the process of finding the right neighborhood so much easier.

finding the right neighborhood

Go to the neighborhoods you’re interested in and see what they’re actually like.

If your situation allows, go to different neighborhoods that you’re interested in and see what they are like.

– Test out  your work commute. How long is it? Is it doable? How much would gas cost each month?

– Check out some of the restaurants and shops around town. Are the prices comparable? Do they fit your taste?

– Drive and/or walk around the neighborhoods that peak your interest. Are the homes well taken care of? Are there families? Are strangers friendly? Do you feel safe? 

Don’t be afraid to take some time checking out areas before you even start looking for a home. There are so many different needs and wants to consider, and many different options to fit them. It’s OK to be a little picky and find what you like. 


Finding the right neighborhood may not seem that important, but when you find the perfect fit, you’ll be so grateful you took the time and the effort to do it. It’s something that can be easily overlooked, but the rewards of doing so are priceless.

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