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Ready or not, summer is officially here! Although some vacations may be in the works, it’s important to also enjoy your time at home over the summer. Here are some summer home improvements that I’ve compiled to help get you and your home ready for the summer!


1. Give your yard a little extra color and life with some flowers, shrubs or other plants. Whether you plant in the ground or in an outdoor pot you found on sale, be sure you find plants that can withstand high temperatures. (Your good intentions can be quickly ruined with dead flowers.) Ask the employees at local nurseries or do a quick Google search for colorful flowers and plants that need minimal water and can withstand some extra sunlight. Liven up your yard and relax!

summer home improvements


2. I don’t know about you, but when I think of summer, I think of grilling. Make sure your grill is ready for all the extra work this summer. You don’t want to be the party host that goes to turn on the grill to only find that you’re out of propane or your grill is broken all together. Check out your grill beforehand and make sure it’s working and that you have all you need, so that when all your friends come over ready to swim and BBQ, you don’t have to make a run to Home Depot in your swimsuit. 


3. Patio and lawn furniture is vital if you want to relax in the summer sun. You  may want to scrub and/or hose all the dust and cobwebs off. Are the legs of the table looking rusty? Are the seats of the chairs pealing or tearing? You don’t want the chair breaking when you go to sit in it, or even worse, when your mother-in-law sits in it. How embarrassing! Make sure all your outdoor furniture is ready for use!


4. Hello summer and hello mosquitoes and flies! Bugs are just an unfortunate side-kick of summer. If you don’t feel like getting the pest control guy to come spray, try getting some traps or bug zappers. If you’re really cheap, at least go to Walmart and get a fly swatter. No one wants to wear smelly bug spray.


5. The dreaded day is here, it’s 118 degrees, and the air conditioning stops working! Don’t let this horror story happen to you! Be proactive and have an A/C technician come look at your unit and make sure all is good and ready to go for the coming months! This is one of those summer home improvements that you can’t afford to ignore.


summer home improvements6. To keep your lawn and plants looking pristine, make sure that your hoses and sprinkler systems are working and ready to go. Even Arizona-summer-friendly plants can’t survive on no water. Make sure all is checked and on point.


8. Summer isn’t summer without swimming! If you have a pool, make sure that your pump and vacuum are in good condition! You want your pool to be ready whenever you are!



9. Want the ultimate improvement of a new home? It may just be time for something new – a new place to relax, a new place to bring friends, a new place to enjoy summer!

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By following these few quick and simple guidelines, you can make your home one that’s ready for summer, and you don’t even have to spend a whole bunch of money! Make your summer one to truly enjoy!

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