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Thanks to Monsoon season, it can be difficult to keep your pool clean. Whether you have a pool guy come out each week, or you take care of your pool yourself, I’ve put together a few easy tips for maintaining your pool as the summer storms continue to roll in. 


maintaining your pool - skimmingSkim out the Debris. This is a pretty easy thing to keep up on. Spending about 5 minutes a day or every few days skimming the surface of the water can do wonders for your pool. Whether there was a storm or not, leaves, bugs and other debris make a constant appearance in pools. While skimming, be sure to watch for rocks or other harmful objects at the bottom of the pool. If ignored, they could do some serious damage to your pool vacuum. Want to know the best part of skimming? If done regularly, the amount of chlorine you’ll need to add to your pool lowers!


Clean out the Pool Baskets. Like skimming, debris from the pool gets captured in the strainer baskets. Cleaning these out every few days is important to keep up healthy water circulation. 


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Vacuuming the Pool. Having a pool vacuum is really a must when owning a pool. Depending on how dirty the pool, vacuuming the pool every few days or every few weeks will help keep your pool clean. The more you swim or the more storms that come in will require vacuuming more often. Keep an eye on the vacuum filter and empty it as needed.


Brush the Walls and Bottom of the Pool. If not property cleaned, algae can build up on the walls or bottom of the pool, especially if it’s tile. Brush these hard surfaces about once a week. This will keep algae and other bacteria from building up.


maintaining your pool - funMaintain Water Level. This is an important yet easily overlooked part of maintaining your pool. Through evaporation and swimming, the water level in pools will drop. Keep an eye on the water level and once it’s a few inches from the edge, stick the garden hose in the pool for a while and let it fill up. Be sure to not forget you left the hose on – I suggest turning on a timer to help with this. 


School may have started, but the summer isn’t over. We still have a few good weeks of swimming left, so be sure to keep your pool happy and healthy!


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