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Selling your home can be a difficult and long process, but I’m here to help you with that! Want to look like a pro when selling your home? Keep reading and I’ll tell you how!


Get a REALTOR®. You were probably expecting I’d say that, but let me tell you why this is so important. With my 30+ years of industry knowledge, I can help you find the right price, make it look amazing, and get buyers in the door! All of these are “must dos” to sell your home! Click here to read more about my expertise! 

pro when sellingPrice it right the first time. Listing your home for the right price is vital! If you list it for too high, the home is likely to stay on the market for far too long and then you’ll have to drop the price anyway. And of course you don’t want to list it for too low. If you want to look like a pro when selling, list it at the right price the first time. Click here to get a FREE home valuation! 

Give each room a purpose. You don’t want wasted space. Having a room with an treadmill, a toy box, a desk and a TV may confuse buyers as to its purpose. A room with no purpose isn’t worth anything to a buyer, so avoid this! 



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Don’t have all the storage space used up. Buyers want a home that has a lot of storage. Even if your home has a lot of storage, if you’re using it all when the buyer walks through, it will make it look like there’s not enough. Buyers will look through cabinets and closets, so make sure you’re either taking a few things out or emptying the spaces completely. Click here to read my blog on decluttering and organizing. 

pro when selling - kitchen backsplashNo uncompleted projects. If you were working on putting in a new kitchen backsplash, make sure it’s done by the time you list your home. Having unfinished projects is a definite no go! If you know you’ll be selling your home soon, don’t start any projects that you may not be able to finish!

Avoid taste-specific looks and depersonalize. You may love the floral wall paper or the shaggy green carpet, but your buyer may not. Make your home look as neutral as possible! You want the buyer to be able to picture themselves moving in your home, but if it’s filled with all your eccentric decorations and all your family pictures, they may have a hard time doing so. 

Always be ready for a buyer to walk in the door! Although the plan is to have all the tours scheduled, you never know when a buyer will walk through the door or when there will be a last minute tour planned. Make sure your home is always looking beautiful and ready for buyers! 


With my expertise and these few tips, you’ll look like a pro when selling your home! 

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