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A few weeks ago we talked about how frustrating buying a home can be, this week we’re going to talk about the various annoyances of selling a home! Again, it’s common to feel annoyed as you go through the process. You’re not alone! But I promise, that it doesn’t have to be the hassle everyone says it is. You will have some frustrations, but there are ways to get through it! Keep reading for some tips! And don’t forget – hiring the right agent can make all the difference!


annoyances of selling a home - cancelCanceled and Last-Minute Showings

Nothing is worse then having a buyer mysteriously not show up when they said they would. Not only was it a waste of your time, but a waste of your cleaning as well! Have your agent call the buyer to see why they didn’t show up and if they plan to come again.

Last-minute showings are another headache sellers often endure. How are you supposed to get everything cleaned up in time? Throw loose items into containers and stash them away. Have an “away spot” for everything so that last minute clean-ups aren’t as hectic. Although last-minute showings are always going to be stressful, just do the best you can, and plan on them happening.


Having to Keep Everything Clean

Although you’re still living in your home, you’re trying to give off the illusion that you’re not. This is tricky and one of the biggest annoyances of selling a home! How the heck are you supposed to keep everything looking pristine all the time?!

As I mentioned before, have an “away” for everything, and have a quick and easy cleaning routine that you do every night or every morning. This can make sure that your home is ready for whatever may come up that day.

Another trick is to start packing as you clean. Box up things you won’t need until you move into your new home. The less you have in your home, the cleaner it looks. Either keep these packed boxes in your garage or in a storage unit. *Hint Hint* Less stuff = Less cleaning!


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Messy Showings

Sometimes you may come home from a showing and things are not where you left them. Along with disorder, your doors may have been left unlocked and your lights may all be on. 

Although you can’t really help it if people are rude and leave your home in disarray, you can help the unlocked doors and lights. Leave some “showing instructions” for the agent, and leave reminders to turn off the lights and lock the doors. 


annoyances of selling a home - leaveHaving to Leave

Let’s face it, it’s very inconvenient to have to pack up the kids and the dog and leave every time someone wants to come see your home. Unfortunately this can’t be avoided, so instead make it something fun. Have a few ideas of places you can go during these showings that would be fun for the kids and/or pets. If you can’t bring your pet every time, maybe see if a neighbor will petsit for a little while. 

Use these “forced evacuations” as a chance to run errands and do fun things around your community you didn’t get to do while living there. Think of it as your last “hurrah” before you move!


A Lazy Agent

Nothing is worse than having a lazy selling agent who simply puts a sign in your yard.

What can you do?


Do some research on the agents and see what they do for their clients. You want someone who’s present on social media and who goes above and beyond to sell your home! 

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CLICK HERE to read more about annoyances of selling a home. 


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