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Are you looking to buy a home fast? Here are a few things to keep in mind to make the process go as quickly as possible.


buy a home fast - realtorGet a good Realtor.

You’ll want a realtor who knows the area and knows the home buying process well. With my 30+ years of experience, I can help you get through the process ASAP. Once you find a Realtor you like and trust, let them know your goal. Make sure you are on the same page. 


Get pre-qualified and pre-approved.

Getting pre-qualified and pre-approved is important to speed the process along. Not only does it help you know what homes you can for sure afford and start looking at, but it also makes you a more serious buyer that sellers will pay more attention to. If you’ve been pre-approved, sellers are more likely to accept an offer you give. 

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Know what you want ahead of time. 

Know what kind of home you’re looking for, where you want it, and a price range. Deciding this ahead of time can cut down on time. We’ll weed out homes that don’t fit the criteria and streamline the house hunting process. 


buy a home fast - paperworkHave paperwork ready to go.

Make sure you have all the paperwork needed when applying for a loan, making an offer, closing a deal, etc. I’ll walk you through the process and what’s needed, but if you’re looking to get through the process quickly, you’ll want to have it all ready!


Make a good offer.

When you find a home that’s perfect, make a good, strong offer! If you make one too low, the sellers may turn it down or negotiations may take awhile. Make a good enough offer that the seller can’t refuse. I’ll help you know what’s a good offer that’s fair to the seller and doesn’t cheat you. 


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Want to look like a pro when buying? Click here for some tips.

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If you want to learn about some financing options, or if you’re looking to get pre-qualified, contact Marc Trejo at Sun American Mortgage Company: 602-743-4885.



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