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Moving can be a difficult time for anybody. It can be difficult to leave the place you’ve called home for the past while… and change isn’t always easy. If it’s not easy for you, image how it must feel for your kids. Are they having a tough time? Are they excited for the move, or are they dreading it?

Here are some tips for making the move easier on your kids. 


Talk about the New Place

Sit down and discuss the new place you’ll be moving to. If it’s a new town or a new state, talk about what goes on in the community there. Are there some cool adventures or places to go there? 

Talk about what new responsibilities/opportunities living in the new location might bring.  Focus on the “What’s New?” aspect of the new location (other than school). Get them excited to move there.  Make it fun!

Of course all this may not change their enthusiasm… or lack of it, to move, but it can at least give them a sense of purpose, in a way, toward the new area.


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Let them Paint their Room

It is important that ALL family members feel like the new home is theirs.  Let the kids add a touch of personal-taste decoration to their room or personal space.  Make them feel important.  Unless you’re renting and you’re not allowed to paint the walls (for whatever reason), why can’t they paint their room bright orange? It’s not difficult to paint over later. 


moving with your kids - adventurePlan New Adventures

You may be busy with moving in and starting your new job, but don’t get caught up in the activity of moving at the expense of what’s really important… making sure your kids are adjusting to their new environment. Plan out some adventures to do on the weekends. Give them something to look forward to. If it’s a new-build, go out and see your new home periodically!

Remember all those things in the new community you talked to them about? Go check them out! Let the kids choose what “they” want to see.


Get them Involved

Whether it’s school, sports or other community activities, get your kids involved right away. Making new friends will be easier when they’re part of a group. Sometimes it may be hard for them to want to meet new people, but getting forced to interact is really beneficial. 

Keep your kids engaged. Don’t let them get bored sitting in their room all day everyday. Make sure they have projects and things to do.


move with your kids - talkHelp them Move on While Not Losing Ties

It can be difficult to move on, but it’s an important thing to do. Getting your kids involved in the community can help also, but so can encouraging them to do so. Talk to them about why it’s important. Involve the family in community/school/church service projects.  Serving together is one of the best ways to make new friends.

Although you don’t want them dwelling on the past, it’s OK to keep ties to their old home and neighborhood. Help them stay in contact with old friends.  A short phone call… or “I miss you” notes to close friends. Talk about your favorite memories in the old home. But remember to not get lost in the past. There is so much waiting for you and your kids in the new location.  So jump into this opportunity with both feet and don’t look back!


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