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Whatever you’re doing, looking a like a fool is no fun. Home buying is the same. Whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned buyer, you want to be able to show that you know what you’re doing. Read my blog today for tips on how to look like a pro when buying a home. 


pro when buying - prequalfiedKnow What You Can Afford. When you start the house-hunting process, know ahead of time what you can afford. Are you going to pay cash? How much do you need a loan for? Make sure you’re pre-qualified for a loan and know where your down payment money is coming from. Going in ahead of time with this information will put you ahead of the game. You’ll be completely ready to buy! All we’ll need to do is find a home! Click here to get pre-qualified.  Then send a copy of your “Pre-Qual” report from your lender to me, your REALTOR® who will be presenting offers on your behalf.


Keep a Poker Face. No, I’m not talking about the Lady Gaga song. What I’m talking about is keeping your emotions neutral during the touring of a home. If you express how much you “LOVE” the home and how it’s “JUST PERFECT,”  you lose all negotiating power. Talking to your own REALTOR® about how much you loved the home is fine, just don’t let the sellers and their agent see just how perfect the home is. It’s all part of the buying game. pro when buying - looking at home



Don’t Outwardly Express Your Dislike of Furniture and Decor. Similar to keeping your emotions neutral during the tour, don’t express how ugly that floral sofa is or how much you don’t like the wallpaper. Those are things that can easily be changed once you purchase the property. If you like the layout of the home and you’re interest in buying it, don’t get picky on how the seller’s used the space. If you start to express dislike for their taste, they may just go with another buyer and you’ll be out of a great deal.

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Be Willing to Negotiate, but Know When to Stop. Negotiating is a part of buying a home. As your REALTOR® I’ll help you come up with some great negotiating points and we’ll work on getting you a great deal. But along with this, it’s important to know when to stop. Just as you don’t want to get a bad deal, you don’t want to cheat out the home-seller either. Don’t let yourself be swayed by emotions either (click here for tips on how to deal with the emotions of buying and selling). We’ll work together on finding a sweet spot that can be a win-win. 


Create a Tempting Offer. Once you decide on how and where you want to negotiate, create an offer letter. As you approach the seller, don’t just focus on the money. Tell them why you want their home. Make them feel comfortable selling you a big part of their lives. Lay everything out clearly and specifically. And remember, I’ll be there to help you make a great offer. 


Follow these few tips and you’ll look like an old pro when it comes to buying a home! Stay tuned for next week’s blog – How to Look Like a Pro When Selling.

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