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Want to increase your home value? Want to make more money off the sell of your home? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve put together a list of things you can do to easily add value to your home! Whether you want a remodeling project or just want to simply make a few changes, there are options for every homeowner. (Click here to see my blog on cheap and easy summer home improvements.)


– Add stainless steel appliances. This “trend” looks like it will be here to stay. Stainless steel adds an extra quality to your kitchen and your home that buyers notice. Include these in the sale of the home, and buyers will be more likely to increase their offer price as they don’t usually have the money to include the individual appliances themselves upon purchase of the home.


– Create more space with walk-in closets. Clutter is something we all struggle with, and having more space is generally something buyers are looking for. Having a nice, roomy walk-in closet will appeal to buyers interests and is a project most won’t want to tackle. Whether you already have one and just reinvent the space to make it more roomy, or you add in a whole new closet, doing so will definitely increase your home value! 


– Change up your front door. Doors that have a half glass 20 gauge steel are preferred. This not only increases your home’s curb appeal, but doors like this are less maintenance than a wood one. According to an article by Susan Celano on (“The Top 10 Projects to Increase Your Home Value in Arizona”) doing so will have a recouped cost of over 85% when you sell. increase your home value outside


– If your home is located in the East Valley (especially Gilbert or Mesa), having an outdoor hangout area for family and friends is ideal, especially if it has that laid-back feel. Add a nice deck to the area and include flower pots, and other plants. Add some nice outdoor furniture (whether you include it in the sell of the home, or just give the buyers an idea of what they can do), and set up the yard in such a way they buyers can see themselves relaxing and having fun. 


increase your home value kitchen– If you’re wanting to be serious about the remodeling process, fixing up your kitchen and bathrooms to give them the perfect trendy touches will inevitably increase your home value. Having the kitchen and/or bathrooms remodeled gives the home a brand new feel and makes the buyer feel like they are getting a totally move-in-ready home. 


Need some help getting your home ready to sell? Give me a call and I’ll help you make sure your home is looking its best! We’ll get several buyers through the door and sell your home in no time! 480-329-7489


Once you decide to sell your home, we’ll need to get you into that home you’ve been dreaming about. Check out some of these homes in Gilbert, and give me a call! 

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