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The home-buying process can be intimidating, especially if this is your first time. Where do you start? Should you believe all the horror stories your friends have shared? I’ve put together a list of common home buying myths. 


MYTH 1: You should know what you want to buy before meeting with a Realtor. 

home buying myths - prequalifiedFACT: You should actually start by getting pre-qualified for a loan. You don’t want to get your heart set on something and then find out it’s not an option. You can still think about some basic wants and needs you’re looking for in a home, but don’t really start house hunting until you know what you can afford. Click here to get pre-qualified today! 


MYTH 2: There are only 15-year and 30-year mortgages. 

FACT: There are actually a few different options for mortgages. For example there are 10-year and 25-year mortgages among others. Decide what’s right for you! Click here to see more on different mortgages. 


MYTH 3: The only up-front cost you have to worry about is a down payment.

FACT: Depending on the deal you make with the seller, you may also have to pay for closing costs, a home inspection, taxes, fees and more.  Having an “EXPERIENCED” real estate agent negotiating on your behalf could make or break your deal.


MYTH 4: A home inspection is optional.

FACT: You may not be required to get a home inspection, but don’t be tempted to let the small cost get in the way of knowing what you are buying. If you avoid the home inspection, there may be issues with the house that you don’t know about and cannot resolve after close of escrow. The purpose of the home inspection is mostly piece of mind – looking for the BIG issue that was undetected, not to cause the seller to remake a home that shows normal wear and tear.


home buying myths - realtorMYTH 5: You don’t need a real estate agent to buy or sell a house.

FACT: True, you don’t technically need an agent, UNTIL something goes wrong.  Did you know buying a home without a real estate agent is giving away your representation?  Maybe you are a shrewd negotiator, but do you know your product the way I do after 45 years of making my living “negotiating” for my client? How do you know what you are negotiating for is actually the best you could have done?  Or do you understand the contract you are signing?  When you buy a home with Chuck… I’ll make the whole process easier for you! 


There’s so much more to the home buying process, but this should help get you started. Don’t fear the home-buying process! I’m here to help you through it! Click here to check out my blog on how to look like a pro when buying a home.

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