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The holidays are filled with traditions, new and old. Here are a few of my favorites. Any special ones you have?


traditions - bakingBaking Cookies

Whether it’s with our kids or grandkids, there’s nothing better than baking a batch of Christmas cookies. Spending that quality time together with those that we love is priceless. And after baking the Christmas goodies and decorating them (if they’re gingerbread or sugar cookies), we love taking them to neighbors and family and friends.



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Celebrate Christmas in the Community

It doesn’t really feel like Christmas until we’ve gone to see some sort of Christmas production. Whether it’s a choir, a dance group, a play or a church pageant, seeing people in the community share their talent in sharing the Christmas message brings a whole new feel to the holidays. 

Seeing Christmas lights is also a favorite. Check out neighborhoods near you, or go to the Mesa Temple lights or the Phoenix Zoo lights.

I live in Morrison Ranch… and we have an award-winning light display right in our own backyard: Click here to see it. 

Here are a few other events in the Valley.


Read Christmas Stories

Christmas stories play almost as big of a role in the Christmas spirit as music. I love spending time with my family reading the beloved tales we’ve known for years.  Or maybe a “pop-by” from “The Grinch” reciting “How The Grinch Stole Christmas!” is in order.


Give to Those in Need

With the holidays come the spirit of giving. There are plenty of ways to give to those in need. See if you can serve at a local shelter, or give to a donation drive or charity. Maybe secretly drop off presents at a neighbor who’s struggling. One of our favorite family memories when the kids were young was to place packages all dressed up in holiday cheer on someone’s doorstep, ring the doorbell… and run!!   It was magical hiding just out of sight and watching the recipient find the packages.  Our children never forgot those special times of sharing.  

Find little ways to give and spread cheer. traditions - family


Spend the Holiday with Loved-Ones

Most importantly is spending this special time of year with the ones I love. Without them, it wouldn’t be the same. They are the reason that I love Christmas and all the traditions that come with it.  This means attending Christmas Concerts, Recitals, Sports, and of course an unscheduled “dropping by to just say hello!” visit.


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