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“Home is where the heart is!” We have all heard someone use that quote before, but now it is ringing very loudly in your own ears because you are buying… or selling a home. Maybe your current home is a place of refuge, a place of happiness, a place of comfort. Perhaps it is a place for family, a place with memories. Maybe your home is an investment, a way to make money, secure your retirement. Whatever your home is to you, it’s inevitably a big part of your life. Because of this there are oftentimes strong emotions when buying or selling a home. It’s hard to leave a home that has all the heights of your kids penciled on the door frame or has your old pet hamster buried in the backyard. Or when you’re looking at new homes, with thousands of dollars worth of fancy “extras” you get so caught up in all the features and benefits of what a new home offers and how “perfect” it is that you forget to consider the logistics of it’s location… or how you’re going to afford that mortgage. Emotions will be involved in the moving process regardless, but I’ve put together a list of ways to deal with all these emotions when buying and selling your home.



Emotions When Buying

   If you are buying with me (click here to see a short video from Chuck) I will tell you in the beginning: “You can celebrate when I hand you the keys… until then, stay neutral.”  There are so many things that can derail a transaction, so rather than experience the letdown of a broken heart, never fall in love with the home until it is yours.

   Know ahead of time what you’re looking for in a home. It’s easy to walk into a home during a private showing and immediately fall in love with the 5,000 square foot home, but if it’s just you and your spouse left (now that all the kids are moved out), do you really need that much space? Know ahead of time what you’re wanting and what you need so that  you don’t make your decisions solely off of emotions. We want to find you a home that you will love forever, not just the first week. 

   Remember to think about logistics Yes, the home may be perfect for you and your family and may have everything you could ever want, but if it’s a 2 hour commute to and from work each day, you won’t be able to enjoy it with your family (click here to see my blog about finding the right neighborhood). Don’t forget to think about how this home will fit in the life you’re already living. Make sure you’re not sacrificing something important just so you can have that ice machine in the kitchen you’ve always wanted, or that huge walk-in closet. Sacrifices and changes will happen, just make sure you’re ready for them.

   Definitely make sure you’re looking at all your expenses. Total everything up and know ahead of time what everything’s going to cost so you don’t get blindsided at the end. And if you’re making this purchase as an investment, make sure you’ve taken everything into consideration. Will this home appreciate in value? It’s impossible to know for sure, but if you do some research, you can get a pretty good idea.


Emotions When Selling 

   Most sellers are so worried about selling their home for less than what they paid for it, that sometimes they don’t think about how much the home is really worth. In some cases your home may have kept its value or even increased, but in other cases it may have dropped in value. Be willing to understand this. As a Realtor I will do my best to sell your home for a fair price and get as much out of it as I can without overpricing it.

   Listing a home at a price higher than it’s worth could mean that it won’t sell, or you’ll have to drop eventually (which will just make you look desperate or make it look like something is wrong with the house). I have developed a pricing strategy over the years that has worked for hundreds of sellers just like you, yielding them the maximum amount the current market would generate.(click here to see a short video from Chuck).

   Be ready to take yourself out of the house, emotionally. It may be hard to paint over that door frame with all the heights of your kids, but the next owners don’t want it. Get a wood pole or board at Home Depot and copy down all the heights from the door frame to the wood. This way you can “take it with you,” in a sense. This can also help you let go of the home a little bit. Start to pack once you put your home on the market. Packing up can help you let go of the house as it won’t feel quite the same with all the family photos put in a box. 

emotions   Be willing to let it go! Move on! Get ready for your next adventure in your new house. Instead of thinking of all the memories made in the house that you’re selling, focus on the new memories you’re going to make in the dream house we found! Focus on the present and the future, not the past!


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