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When you’re selling a home, it’s no secret that you’re trying to get a profit. Be sure to keep in mind all the extra costs of selling so you don’t get surprised by it all when the time comes. 


costs of selling - pay realtorPaying the Agent(s)

The seller pays both the listing agent and the buyers agent. This typically totals 6% of the listing price. Now I know you may be thinking that you’d rather just do a For Sale by Owner instead of hiring an agent, but first let me explain where the money goes. 

The two agents will split the 6% and then each of the respective brokerages take a cut as well. Realtors don’t get salaries, so the rest of the money pays them for their time and marketing costs. They spend a lot of time marketing your home and finding a buyer, and all the money they spend comes out of their own pockets. Find an agent that you trust and that will work hard, and I promise the commission will be so worth it! See why selling with me is something you should keep top of mind! CLICK HERE


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Closing Costs

Although buyers typically pay the most in closing costs, sellers also have an amount they pitch in (around 2%). See what recognizes as other costs of selling your home. CLICK HERE


costs of selling -feesFees

There are various other fees that may come up in the home selling process. You could have title insurance fees, attorney fees, transfer taxes or recording fees, etc.

Talk to your agent about what fees will affect you so that you can be prepared. After 30+ years in the business, I’ve dealt with a lot of real estate transactions and will make sure you’re fully prepared for any and all the possible costs of selling. I’ll get you looking like a selling pro!


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