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Are you trying to save up for a down payment, but you don’t have any extra money to do that with? Here are three ways you can increase your income without having to work extra. Learn to find more money in the paycheck you get each month. 


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increase your income - cut costsCut Costs. Think about (and write it down) what you tend to buy or pay for on a month-to-month basis. Then go through that list and decide what’s necessary and not necessary. Do you pay for cable each month? Is it necessary? If you only watch a football game once a week and HGTV here and there, it may not be worth the hefty bill. Either go without completely or switch to a Netflix or Hulu, which allows to you access TV shows and movies for a significantly cheaper monthly bill. When looking at monthly costs, don’t be afraid to negotiate either. Click here for some tips on negotiating.  

Do you find yourself going out to eat several times a week? Cut back on that, and eat at home (or bring a home lunch) instead. You’d be surprised at how much this can save you. I’ll spare you the math, but a PB&J with a apple and carrots is a whole lot cheaper than a chicken sandwich meal at Chick-Fil-A. There are several ways to save money throughout the month. Click here to see ways to save money on pool maintenance. 

As you cut back on unnecessary costs, you’d be surprised at how much you can save! Want to see the actual amount? Put aside the money you would typically spend on a meal, cable and other costs. Put it in an envelope or a jar, and by the end of the month, you’ll be able to see just how much money you saved by cutting these costs!

It won’t be easy, but remember the more you cut, the more you save!!!


increase your income - budgetBudget. I know you’ve probably heard this over and over. In fact you may even have a rough budget written out. Start over. Sit down (whether it’s just you, or you and a spouse) and go through your monthly expenses. What are the non-negotiable costs? (hint hint, mortgage, utilities, gas, etc.) Write all of these out. Maybe even look at your past few months to see what you spent on these. If you don’t know what you typically spend on food, gas, etc., write it down for a month or a few months in a row and see what you really spend.

Give yourself a strict budget to follow, and actually follow it! Dave Ramsey’s website has some great information on budgeting and some tools to do so. Click here for those resources.


Be Patient and Stick with it. Cutting costs and budgeting isn’t easy, but I promise that you’ll find more money from your current income. You won’t even have to work overtime or get another job! It takes some self-control, determination and patience, but I know you can do it. Before you know it you’ll have a decent down payment for your next home! 


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